• Welcome to endota Wellness College

    Prepare to enter a space only limited by your imagination.

    Knowledge and learning mean different things to different people. At endota Wellness College we believe in working with every one of our students so that they can get the most out of their education. We want to encourage you to embrace your learning style and we want to nurture you on your journey whichever way you choose to go. In other words, we not only teach wellness—we live it, at the college campus and here with you online.

    ‘Moodle’ is the endota Wellness College online learning management system. By entering your unique username and password you can log on to Moodle. It’s important that you don’t share your login details with others. If you have difficulty logging on, you may need to press the 'forgot password' option. Provided you have registered your correct email with us, your password will be automatically reset and emailed to you.

    The Moodle system is here to facilitate your learning by providing you with access to all of your course materials, including your assessment requirements. Some people will find Moodle easy to use and need very little help. Others might find the system more challenging and learn better with other people’s guidance. If you do need assistance with any of your online course materials, don’t struggle alone. Real, live people are available to help if you ever get your Moodle in a muddle.

    Once you have logged on to Moodle, click on the 'my courses' tab in the top navigation. This will take you directly to the course you are enrolled in. If you are having difficulty or just need a little human support, simply email study@endota.edu.au.

    Happy learning.